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Scholarships & Fellowships

Centre College offers a range of fellowship and scholarship programs.

There are three types of scholarships – general merit, special interest, and premier. They all provide financial support in different ways and each has its own application process and award requirements.

General Merit Scholarships

We automatically consider you for these scholarships when we consider you for admission. General merit scholarship consideration is based on a comprehensive review of your credentials and contributions.  No separate application is required. Consideration is automatic upon receipt of Common Application. Renewable based on GPA.

Scholarship Award Renewable GPA
Faculty Scholarship $30,000 2.8
Colonel Scholarship $28,000 2.5
Founders Scholarship $26,000 2.25
Centre Award $22,000 2.0
Alumni Award $15,000 2.0

Premier Scholarships 

Centre’s two most competitive scholarship programs recognize 10 incoming students per program annually. We welcome nominations for our premier scholarship programs, although a nomination is not required for consideration. A separate application is required for the Lincoln Scholars Program by December 1st after submission of the Common Application. For Grissom Scholars automatic consideration is given after submission of the Common Application Renewable based on GPA and program participation. 

Scholarship Award Application Renewable GPA
Lincoln Scholars Program Full-Cost-Plus Separate 3.2
Grissom Scholars Program  Full-Tuition-Plus Automatic Consideration No

Premier Scholarships Details

Named for the16th president of the United States, the Lincoln Scholars Program is designed for students who have the capacity and a deep desire to change the world.

The Program Recognizes 10 Incoming Students Annually and Includes: 
  • Four-year, full-cost-plus scholarship, including tuition, room, and board 

  • Fully funded summer enrichment experiences 

  • On-campus program mentor and additional off-campus travel opportunities 

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The Grissom Scholars Program is designed for outstanding first-generation college students who exhibit character, ambition, and achievement both in and out of the classroom and have substantial financial need.

The Program Recognizes 10 Incoming Students Annually and Includes: 
  • Four-year, full-tuition-plus scholarship, plus additional aid to cover any remaining financial need $5,000 in enrichment funds

  • Individual mentoring and academic guidance for all four years 

  • Regular leadership and group activities with other Grissom Scholars

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Special Interest Scholarships

These scholarships recognize students with special interests who demonstrate the potential to contribute to certain programs or areas of campus life. A separate application or candidate form is required for students to compete for these special scholarship opportunities. Please view special interest scholarships below for deadlines and more information. 

Scholarship Award Renewable
Bonner Program $30,000  Yes
New Horizons Program $30,000  Yes
Language Scholarship  Up to $5,000 Yes and Stackable
Performing Arts Scholarship Up to $5,000 2.0 GPA and Stackable
Studio Arts Scholarship Up to $5,000 Yes and Stackable

Special Scholarships Details

Established by the Bonner Foundation, the Bonner Program is a need-based program designed for students who are passionate about making a lasting impact through community service and civic engagement. Centre’s Bonner Program includes Bonner Scholars who show commitment to community service and demonstrate high financial need by having an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of no more than $12,000 and Bonner Leaders who prioritize service and qualify for Federal Work Study. Domestic students are eligible for these opportunities. United States citizenship is not required. International students who will be studying at Centre on a student visa are not eligible for this program. Deadline for submitting the Bonner Program Candidate Form is February 1.

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The New Horizons Program is a scholarship opportunity that seeks to develop student leaders with a passion for diversity and inclusion work. The program is designed to provide a diverse group of students the opportunity to build professional development skills, empathy, community, and appreciation for service learning. Domestic students are eligible for this opportunity, United States citizenship is not required. International students who will be studying at Centre on a student visa are not eligible for the program. Applicants should complete the program candidate form by the deadline of their chosen application. 

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The Language Scholarship recognizes students with a strong background of study in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, or Spanish who wish to continue their study of language and culture at Centre. Majoring or minoring in a language is not required. Students may apply for a Language Scholarship in more than one target language by submitting additional applications; however, students are only eligible for one scholarship in one target language. Students may apply for a Language Scholarship in their native language. International and domestic students are eligible for this opportunity.

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The Studio Arts Scholarship recognizes students who have demonstrated achievement in the studio arts and are committed to college-level study in studio art and art history. Studio arts scholarship applicants are able to present works from any artistic medium, including (but not restricted to) drawing, painting, multi- media images, sculpture, ceramics, glass, photography, and film. Majoring or minoring in studio arts is not required. International and domestic students are eligible for this opportunity. 

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The Performing Arts Scholarship recognizes musicians, vocalists, actors, and/or theatre technicians who have experience in and a commitment to further personal development in the musical and/or dramatic arts. Students may apply for a Performing Arts Scholarship in more than one area by submitting additional applications; however, students are only eligible for one Performing Arts Scholarship in one concentration. Majoring and minoring in performing arts is not required. International and domestic students are eligible for this opportunity. 

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Scholarship Nominations

Although a scholarship nomination is not required in order to apply for scholarships, the admission office welcomes nominations to help us identify and learn more about potential scholarship candidates. A nomination can be completed by a school counselor, core-course teacher, community-based organization liaison, employer, or independent college counselor. The priority deadline for nominations is December 15, but we accept nominations through January 15. 

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Scholarship Guarantees

Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program Scholarship 

Students who complete Kentucky’s Governor’s Scholars Program will be recognized with an automatic GSP Scholarship worth $120,000 ($30,000 annually for each of your four years of study) upon admission to Centre. The GSP Scholarship cannot be combined with other general merit scholarships, but we encourage Scholars to explore our premier and special interest scholarship options for more specialized offerings. These separate scholarship deadlines range from November 15th to January 15th. 

Centre Legacy Scholarship

The Legacy Award is a $3,000 renewable annual award given to admitted students who are children or grandchildren of Centre alumni. To be considered, students who apply for admission to Centre should mention that their parent(s) or grandparent(s) attended Centre on their application materials. 

Centre Fellows Scholarship

Established by Centre alumni, The Centre Fellows Program recognizes high-achieving and engaged high school juniors and seniors who would benefit from a liberal arts education. There is no commitment on the recipient’s part and students are eligible to compete for higher awards. Domestic and international students are eligible for this opportunity. High school seniors must be nominated by January 1, 2023 to be eligible for the Centre Fellows Program. Candidates must be nominated by their high school counselor and all nominations must be approved by the Centre College Admission Office.

Benefits include a guaranteed, minimum scholarship in the amount of $26,000 per year for four years. Centre Fellows may be considered for higher scholarships which, if received, will replace the Centre Fellows guarantee.

Successful Candidates Should Exhibit the Following Credentials 
  • A minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5 and/or a standing at or very near the top 5% of their high school class 
  • A challenging course load comprised of some of the highest courses available at the school 
  • A sincere interest in a liberal arts and sciences education 
  • A concern for their high school and/or local communities as demonstrated by various personal commitments 

For more information contact: Associate Director of Admission, David DeWitt

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Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarship Opens Doors for Ohio Students 

Centre College is pleased to offer the Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarship. The award is a merit scholarship designated for students from Ohio who are interested in mathematics or majoring in a STEM field. 

The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation was created by Austin “Dutch” Knowlton (1909- 2003) in 1981 “to promote and advance higher education in the United States and to provide direct grants and contributions to qualified colleges and universities.” Mr. Knowlton grew up in Bellefontaine, in Logan County, Ohio, and studied architecture at The Ohio State University. He then joined and later led the Knowlton construction company which completed more than 600 major construction projects, including school buildings, hospitals and libraries, throughout Ohio and the Midwest. Mr. Knowlton was a minority-stake owner of the Cincinnati Reds and a co-founder of the Cincinnati Bengals. 

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